Who We Are
Healthcare Practitioners, Educators, and Innovators
We're on a mission to enhance patient care and revolutionize the standard of healthcare education by fostering meaningful connections that extend beyond textbooks and classrooms. 
Our Story
After witnessing firsthand the lifesaving difference that greater access to medical expertise can make, our team set out on a journey to improve the healthcare landscape through human connection.
Meet Our Founders
Movers, shakers, and leaders, our founders are seasoned healthcare professionals who established Scholarnetics360 out of a shared commitment to improve the future of healthcare.
Eder Garavito (PT, DPT, CCS)
CEO and Founder

Eder Garavito, PT, DPT, CCS, is an assistant professor in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at the College of St. Mary and a board-certified cardiovascular and pulmonary clinical specialist. Currently working toward a Ph.D. in teaching, education, and learning sciences (TELS), Dr. Garavito consistently seeks ways to blend his healthcare expertise with a passion for education.

These intersecting interests inspired him to launch Scholarnetics360, where he pioneers transformative change in healthcare.

Andrea Kessler  (PT, DPT, OTR/L, EdD, DipACLM)

Andrea Kessler, PT, DPT, OTR/L, EdD, DipACLM, is an expert in healthcare education. Equipped with doctorates in education and physical therapy from the University of New England and Slippery Rock University, she spearheads the development of training and certification programs for Scholarnetics360 mentors. Dr. Kessler's unique clinical mentorship training addresses the specific needs of our mentors, providing comprehensive support for their crucial role in enhancing the Scholarnetics360 experience.

Dr. Matthew Lindquist (DO, DABOM, FAAP)

Matthew B. Lindquist, DO, DABOM, FAAP, is the medical director and founder of the University Health Weight Management clinic at the University Health Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri and most recently, CEO and Founder of MoKan Weight Loss and Metabolic Health. Concurrently, he is a staff physician and an assistant professor of internal medicine and pediatrics at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine.

Board-certified in obesity medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics, Dr. Lindquist brings extensive medical education knowledge to his position at Scholarnetics360. As a clinical physician and educator, fellow entrepreneur, Dr. Lindquist helps bridge the gap as SN360 grows into the physician world. 

Nipaporn Somyoo  (PT, DPT, OCS)

Nipaporn Somyoo, PT, DPT, OCS, holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Midwestern University. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education degree in educational leadership at the College of St. Mary, where she serves as an assistant professor. Dr. Somyoo enhances the Scholarnetics360 platform with her continual pursuit of excellence in education.

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